About Me

I have photographed people and places around the world for more than 25 years. I fell in love with Las Vegas the first time I visited and was finally able to make it my home in 1999. I opened my studio in 2011 and have had the pleasure of photographing visitors and locals here for the past several years. Whether you prefer a studio session or are more comfortable in your own home, I can provide you with professional and courteous service.

When you hire a professional photographer, you are not only paying for great photo images, you are paying for the fun experience, the photographer’s time to take and edit the photos, and professionally print them to make it even more special for you. As a photographer, I care about you as a client and I don’t look at you as a dollar sign. I have high expectations of myself and you should expect only the best from me. I realize that not everyone has modeled in their lifetime and some people are more photogenic than others. Sure, I’ll pose you, I’ll probably make couples kiss once or fifteen times, but I guarantee you’ll have a blast doing so. I smile, I like having fun, and most of all, I’ll make sure you’re comfortable so we can get the absolutely best images possible.

I always make it a priority to make sure you’re comfortable calling on me at any time, for any reason. I give all of my clients my personal cell number and email. If at any time they need to reach me, they can. I am there for YOU, no matter what.

You care about your photographs and that’s why we’re working together. I don’t use presets and I individually edit each of your photographs so they’re unique and everyone looks their absolute best.

When you choose your  photographer, you’re not just buying a service, you’re investing in memories. 


Choose John G Photography, I provide photography quality services in the greater Las Vegas area at very competitive price.  Contact me at 702-545-0100 or use my contact form


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