Maternity Photography

maternity photography photo shoot in park Are you currently expecting a new child and thinking about having some professional photos taken of your baby bump? That is a wonderful idea! But remember, capturing the motherly curves and serene glow of an expectant mother takes experience and skill, so be sure to choose a trusted professional such as John G. Las Vegas Photography as your maternity photographer.

Commemorate Your Baby Bump

Maternity photos are a fun and easy way to commemorate your baby bump. You can blow up the resulting photos, frame them, and hang them in your home. You can start a new scrapbook for the child, and add more photos as you proceed through your pregnancy. You can even send photos out to friends and family so they can stay current on your changing size and shape.

Maternity photos are also fun to share with the child. As he or she grows, you can look at the photographs together and say, “That’s you in there!” You are sure to enjoy the look of awe on your child’s face as he or she starts learning about the process of life.

A Thing of Beauty and a Work of Art

The depiction of a mother-to-be with a swollen belly and serene smile can be a thing of beauty and a work of art. In fact, this has been a common subject of paintings and sculptures in cultures throughout the world since time immemorial.

Some expectant mothers like to take tasteful nude or nearly nude photos to show their beautiful, rounded abdomens. John G. Las Vegas Photography is happy to accommodate you if you want such photos. We take stylish, appropriate photos using a soft, delicate light. We make sure the results are tasteful, and we always remain sensitive to your comfort zone and your wishes. We take great pains to see that such a photo shoot never becomes awkward; rather, we try to achieve an effortless solemnity that celebrates the magic of birth and the beauty of life. In addition, you can rest assured that the final product will only expose as much skin as you feel comfortable revealing.

Because of the amount of sensitivity required during such a shoot, you should only trust a seasoned maternity photographer with this type of intimate photo.

Outdoor Photos

las vegas mom photographySome mothers-to-be like to take photos outdoors on a beach, on a hilltop, along a river, or in front of a geological formation. Such photos can be striking and extraordinarily beautiful, especially when the model wears a windswept, flowing dress or a fluttering scarf or skirt.

When taking photos outdoors, it is important to consider the lighting. Because of the sun’s long, interesting shadows and warm, reddened hue during such times, it is usually best to schedule outdoor photos in the early morning or in the late afternoon. When the natural light shines through just right and dapples the model’s hair, the effect can be extraordinary and almost otherworldly.

The Pre-Shoot Conference

If you cannot decide immediately what type of setting you want or what style you feel comfortable with, don’t fret about it.

Before the photo shoot, we always schedule a pre-shoot conference, either over the phone or in person, in which we meet with you to discuss the particulars. Between us, we hammer out the locale, the style, the mood, and the amount of exposure you feel comfortable with. Although the decision is ever yours, we offer suggestions, answer questions, and provide feedback as needed. We talk about the boundaries of your comfort zone, and figure out which direction you want to pursue. That way, we make sure we get “the shot” you want.

When to Shoot Maternity Photos

If you are unsure about when to have your maternity photos taken, remember that it is important to think about which phases you wish to capture.

For instance, many expectant mothers want to track the progress as their tummies grow. To cater to this market, we offer a “New Mom Package,” which includes a total of three separate sessions; the first two shoots take place during pregnancy, while the third one features both mom and her new baby.

You can schedule the two photo sessions during any part of your pregnancy, although we often recommend that you plan to do one at the beginning and the other towards the end, to allow for adequate size contrast. You may schedule the third session with your newborn baby as soon as you both are up to the task.

Family Involvement

Many pregnant moms like to include the father and/or older siblings in their Las Vegas maternity photos. If you feel like this is something you want to do, we encourage you to do so. It makes for a wonderful family portrait, and brings everyone together in celebration of the event. It makes for a terrific memento of the occasion, since everybody is included, and the child will be able to see the excitement and expectation that his or her arrival elicited from the family. It is a lovely and touching notion.

We often suggest that family portrait shoots take place outside. The outdoor settings seem to give these maternity photos an engaging, energetic feel they would otherwise lack. In fact, this type of high energy, outdoor photo session often results in the most effective and appealing family portraits, which are ideal for hanging proudly in Las Vegas homes.

Privacy Concerns

Please note that we always keep your privacy in mind. We never use your photos without your permission, and we password protect your proofs on our website so you can view them privately and select the ones you want in the comfort of your own home. Give John G, your Las Vegas maternity photographer, a call today!

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