Portrait Photography

portrait photography las vegas There are many reasons you might want to have a professional portrait taken, and John G. Las Vegas Portrait Photography is here to help. In a world increasingly driven by low quality cell phone images, instant communication technology, and social media, professional portraiture offers several benefits:

  • It captures you looking your best
  • It indicates expertise and professionalism
  • It lets you choose from many styles and backgrounds
  • It produces high quality and high resolution images





Who Needs Professional Portraits?

Many types of people benefit from high quality portrait photography, including:

  • Business Professionals
  • Parents
  • Actors & Models
  • Students & Interns
  • Everyone!

The sections below discuss these types of portrait needs in more detail.


Business professional often need one or more flattering, corporate-style shots for use in office displays, business cards, online profiles for social media sites like LinkedIn, and for a wide variety of other uses.

Are you a business owner thinking about personalizing your office with photographs of your staff? John G. Las Vegas Portrait Photography can help. We will capture your employees’ looks of steely-eyed determination, professional expertise, and dedication to duty with just a few clicks of the camera.

Are you a realtor, attorney, physician, or other professional who needs a quality head or full body portrait for marketing purposes? You need not interrupt your day with a trip to our studio! We can shoot your portrait—and those of your entire staff—in the convenience of your offices and at a time that fits your schedule. We can take individual portraits and/or group shots, as you prefer.

portrait photo shoot in las vegasActors and Models

Current or aspiring actors and models need at least a few high quality shots for their portfolios if they want a chance at snagging jobs. Moreover, the more experience a model has sitting for portrait photographs, the more comfortable he or she will feel during professional shoots.

Are you a model who needs more experience in front of a camera or who wants a set of beautiful portraits to add to your portfolio? John G. Las Vegas Portrait Photography should be your first call. We work hand-in-hand with models and actors to create a stunning set of flawless photos that will have casting agents scrambling for your contact info. A perfect portrait is an indispensable tool for any actor or model, and building a portfolio is a crucial step in advancing your career.

Let us show off your physical assets to best advantage. Set up an appointment to meet at our studio or at another location of your choosing. We can help you come up with creative ideas to make you shine and make your portfolio pop.


Parents want the cutest possible portraits of their children to give out to friends and family, and to cherish in the future once their kids have grown.

Few things are as bittersweet as reminiscing over childhood photos and experiencing those mingled feelings of fierce pride at who your children have become and tender regret that they are no longer your babies. That is one of the reasons that children’s portraits are so valuable; they are truly a window into the past.

Since they change so much and so quickly, younger children need new portraits frequently, especially if they are active in sports teams or school clubs. Older children need quality portraits to commemorate a variety of milestones, such as a confirmation, a bar mitzvah, or a graduation.

Finally, a professionally composed family portrait makes an ideal addition to the living wall behind your sofa. However, that is easier said than done. It is extremely (and infamously) difficult for amateurs to capture a family portrait in which everybody looks good. Typically, Mom’s hair is askew, Dad’s eyes are askance, and Junior’s mouth is agape, while the dog is half out of the frame darting after the neighbor’s cat.

Are you a parent being hounded by family members for photos of a child who is growing up too fast? Do you need portraits of your soccer star, debate club leader, or honor student? Is your “little one” getting confirmed or graduating from high school? John G. Las Vegas Portrait Photography can work with your family to create memories you can treasure for the rest of your life.

We are happy to travel to you; we will take your child’s photos at school, on the sports field, or at another indoor or outdoor location of your choosing. We are also willing to incorporate any props you like, including:

  • Musical instruments
  • Sports equipment
  • Favorite toys
  • Family pets
  • Electronic devices
  • Automobiles or motorcycles

Your child’s portrait can be as simple or complex as you like. We can also take action shots, if you desire.


Have you always wanted a professional portrait taken of yourself but have been too scared to set up an appointment. Don’t put it off any longer! John G. Las Vegas Portrait Photography has a wealth of experience calming our clients’ nerves, making them feel comfortable, and then capturing the most flattering and complimentary shots.

Whether you want a portrait of yourself to display at home or to post on social media, we can show you off to best advantage. If you prefer not to visit our studio, we are happy to come to you. We will photograph you in the comfort of your own home or at any other location you choose. If you have a place in mind, please do not hesitate to mention it.

Contact Us!

Whether you are in the market for a professional headshot of yourself, a portrait of your child, or a family photo, we are happy to help.

We always keep your privacy, your preferences, and your best interests in mind. We password protect your proofs on our website so you can view them and select the ones you like best in the comfort of your home.

If you are considering sitting for a professional portrait but are hesitant or unsure about the process, just give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you have, and we want to make you as comfortable—even excited—about the experience as possible. Our job is to make portraiture as pleasant, convenient, and productive as possible, and to help you bring out your “inner model.”

We are sure you will have a great time, and that you will fall in love with your photos.

John G Las Vegas Photography is available for consultations. To learn more about our services, please contact us.