Holiday Photography

client for holiday photography Holidays are an ideal opportunity to gather together with family and friends, celebrate traditions, and enjoy fellowship, food, and festivities. If you have always celebrated the holidays the same way and you wish to try something new this year, get into the holiday spirit in a memorable way by posing for the camera.

Your Convenience Is Key

John G. Las Vegas Holiday Photography can help you capture memories of the season with convenient, stress-free sessions. If you simply do not have the time, energy, or inclination to visit us, we are happy to bring our lights, cameras, and action to you. However, if you haven’t decorated for the holidays but would enjoy a professional photo decked out for Christmas, Halloween, or the Fourth of July, you are welcome to visit our studio, where we will create a joyous, colorful set inspired by any holiday you like, just for you.

Capture Holiday Vacation Memories

Are you planning to visit Las Vegas during an upcoming vacation? Let us help you capture holiday vacation memories. We are located only a few minutes from the Las Vegas strip, and are happy to make your visit even more memorable. Bring in your Easter basket or Santa hat, pose against a snowy backdrop or a fireworks display, and take home Las Vegas mementos you can cherish forever.

We provide prop “presents,” candles, lights, and assorted decorative items that you need to set the holiday mood. You can choose from a wide variety of photo styles that range from sentimental to sexy, and anywhere in between.

Capture Halloween Decorations

Are you a Halloween fanatic? Do you go all out decorating your home with spooky flair? Cobwebs in the bushes? Hanged men in the trees? When you have completed the decorations, dress up in your scariest (or sexiest!) costume, and call John G. Las Vegas Holiday Photography to come out for a fun photo shoot. That way, you can remember your front porch “pirate ship” forever.

Make Romantic Valentine’s Day Memories

Do you love Valentine’s Day? Don’t let the fact that you’re single get you down. Cuddle up with a giant teddy bear and some sweetheart candies, and let us capture you looking your best. Afterward, you can post it on eHarmony or and say you are in search of a real Valentine’s Day date.

If you have a significant other, slip into bed together, and let us snap some sensuous shots of you among red satin sheets and dark chocolate Kisses.

Celebrate Life

Do you enjoy celebrating Christmas or Hanukah? Let us capture your gift giving (and receiving) session with holiday photos you can cherish for a lifetime.

Whatever the occasion, celebrate life and your treasured memories John G. Las Vegas Holiday Photography.

Bring all your loved ones with you for a group session, or book a paid session for a friend or family member. A holiday portrait makes a unique gift and a memorable holiday experience for which the recipient will surely be grateful to you forever.

Another way to capture life’s precious moments is to have your child (human or animal) dress up for the holiday so you can share the cuteness overload with friends and family.

Photos Do Double Duty

Your holiday photos can do double duty, since you can use them in cards, calendars, or any sort of photo memorabilia. You can send them to loved ones or your special someone for the holidays.

Moreover, we can print out a photo book or reproduce your image on canvas so you can bring it out every holiday for years to come to remind yourself of the fun you had in Las Vegas.

Daytime, evening, and weekend appointments are available, depending on your schedule.

For wonderful holiday memories that last a lifetime, contact your Las Vegas Holiday Photographer

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